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Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds offer a sleek, modern design incorporating fabric vanes that can be tilted or stacked to the right, left or centre – to set the light and mood just as you want it.

Our blinds are

  • Perfect for controlling the amount of light and privacy you want in the room
  • Large range of designs, fabrics and materials to give your home a fresh new image.
  • Custom made to your requirements at our Warners Bay factory
  • Lifetime guarantee on installation.

Our blinds use the very latest in track technology – the EOS system giving a reliable, long lasting and smooth glide of the blinds.

All our vertical blinds have the weights sewn in the bottom ensuring they look good, do not fall out and are child safe.

Combine that with the huge range of fabrics, designs and colours and you will find exactly the right look for your home.